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Healthy and Balanced diet.

Our body is made up of the basic element of universe to maintain the all body function the energy level of all these elements changes time and again. These change create cupha pita and vat imbalance in our body these causes illness and sickness we get energy by the burning of food in presence of oxygen what we inhale in breathing and it provide vital life force in our body.

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What kind of food we should eat, it depends on the nature. Dr. Vinod Vermas says in his book Ayurvedic food culture. Who should eat what, when and where it is very important? As the nature of vat is cold so nullify this effect by having warm food otherwise the person will suffer with head ache, dry skin, constipation, disturbance in sleep, uneasiness, and shines. If nature is pita means had than warm food can cause trouble. Our food should be according to day time person’s age and weather. In Ayurved 17 years is considered Balyakal, nature of this state is kapha, the nature of adult state is pita, during these two state energy is more where as the nature of old state is vat in a same way different period past of the day and difference season of the air have different nature.

One should change the food in take according to the age. mostly people do not change the food what they take that’s way they suffer with the disease like Hypertension, Insomnia, Joint pain, diabetes, cardiac problem etc. The kind of place you live it also effect you food the person who live in hilly region or at high altitude, have different food from the people who live in coastal region or the people who live in desert region. All the different environment has different nature according to its food nature is also different the food which are available at specific region are suitable to be eaten in that respective region only, other wise it will create so many problem and will not give total strength ever after having proper food and the person will remain tired and list less.

If we like to be healthy and active then we will have to be caution of wrong way of having food. Ayurveda and yoga gives you the knowledge. How to eat and the selection right food? Ayurveda says if your selection of food is right, but your preparations is not correct or have it reluctantly without putting any interest; again it will not give benefits and will be poisonous. Therefore selection, preparation and having of food should be done with proper knowledge and interest then only one can enjoy life and can know the secret of healthy life.

Before having food some important things are to be taken care of:-

  • While serving food one should be looking attractive if the person who is serving food is dull. It distracts your interest of having food.
  • Do not have food in state of any mental confusion.
  • While having food put your total attention to the food. It is one of the bases of life on which life cycle is moving. It is a source of energy also helps in development of your body and repairs all the wear and tear of cells and tissues externally and internally. So our food is having life force, it is presence in food in the form of test, and smell. Ayurveda and yoga do prevent any one from having food to his test but this science tells us, to be safe from it harmful effects.
  • Food should be taken slowly and easily. Do not speak while having food.
  • Take bath at least after 2 to 3 hours of having meal.
  • After having food take very less amount of water.
  • Water should be taken after one hour of having food. If needed, very less amount of water can be taken just after or in between.
  • Do not do exercise after having food. It creates imbalance of vata. Go for strolling after dinner at night.
  • Luke warm water should be taken. It protects from disease, maintain body temperature and reduce obesity.


For proper development of body and mind all the vital elements of food like Fat, Protein, carbohydrate, minerals, salt, ions and some subtle substance are needed to be there in food. But the majority of world population are suffering from malnutrition according to an assumption 2/3 population of the world get less than 2000 calories of energy in their daily food intake therefore their immune power is very poor most of them are suffering from some illness and their life expectancy is very less. People are not only suffering from quality malnutrition but also from quantity malnutrition.

Protein malnutrition:-

Protein is basic building material of our body. For the development and repair of body, it is very much needed. It is very essential for child, pregnant woman and breast feeding mother. Protein can only be utilized if proper amount of carbohydrate and fat are presence in our body. According to the nutrition chart foods are divided as follows.

  • High quality:- the kind of food which has maximum amount of protein- milk or milk product.
  • Average quality:- the food which is having average amount of protein (cereals, pulses, oils)
  • Law quality:- Food having very less amount of protein- Maize millet grains.

Efficiency of protein causes a disease kwasiorker normally happen to the child 2 to 3 years in this develop of child does not happen properly immune power reduces skin becomes dry hair looses it’s shine apart from this the patient become enemial Pregnant woman and breast feeding female are prove to suffer from deficiency of protein harmful effect of this can also be seem on the offspring/new born baby.

Sufficiency of minerals:- For body metabolic function minerals are needed. Some important minerals are- Sodium, chlorine, Calcium sulpher potassium Iodine, Iron zinc etc.

Calcium:- Milk is chief source of calcium 6 gm of calcium is present in half liter of milk besides milk it also present in some vegetable and in potable water but in very less amount. For female old age person and growing kids it is very essential.


it is generally present in our food and water. It is very essential for thyroid gland and for regulating its secretion. Enlargement of thyroid gland happens due to deficiency of iodine it is called goiter. It can be cured by having one part Iodine with 10 to 20 thousand part of salt.
Florien:- Source saline water fish, tea and water. Florin is present in our bone. Presence of Florien less than .5 PP in drinking water caused brittleness in teeth. Iron and other elements:- Meat dry fruits leafy vegetable are source. For the formation of blood in bone narrow Iron, small amount of copper cobalt vitamin B-12 calic acid ascorbic and acid are needed. Deficient of these caused enema.


Mango, guava, orange, Banana, apple and grape are very much liked by people these are the important complement of our food All these fruits are available in different season, almost for whole year some or the other fruit are available during their season. These all are abundantly found in market. Now government is also promoting fruits cultivation. Various kinds of fruits are available in different season. In summer - Mango, Litchi, Apple, Banana, Peach, Grape etc and in winter, Orange, papaya, Pomegranate, Pears etc. In fruit salt vitamins minerals ions protein are found abundant. It is good to have fruits after meal. Juice is good for old people. It has quality to kill germs and bacteria and cleans our body. We should wash it properly before having it.

Apple: - Cultivation of apple is done in Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Delicious is the best of all apples. It contains vitamin A, B, C. It is beneficial in Dysentery; Strength brain nervous also cures liver and kidney disease.

Grape: - It contain vitamin A, B, C. It helps in making of blood and cleans it. Strengthen cardiac muscles, Improves eye sights. Grape from channai is very famous. In India a lot of research and experiment are being done to improve its crop yielding.

Banana: - It is always available throughout the year and every part of our country. It is very beneficial; even then it is not very costly. Initially it started from Asia, now it is cultivated almost all part of the world. It is the fruit of common people. It contain vitamin A, B, C carbohydrate protein minerals salt and it is also a chief source of potassium sodium magnesium and phosphorous. All these are found abundant in Banana.

Mango: - In India it is the most favorite fruit. It is cultivated in every part of India. So many different verity of mango are available. Use of mango with food is very beneficial. Vitamin A is found in it abundantly. It cleans blood gives strength. It is boon for intestine. It is good for weak person.

Guava: - Vitamin A, B and C are found in it. It is cheap and very beneficial. It improves appetite. It is good for growing children. We should masticate its seed properly.

Orange: - Carbohydrates water, calcium, iron, vitamin A, B, C phosphorus etc are found. It improves body heat, digest food; it is liked by old and young equally.

Dry Fruits: - It contains all kind of elements like carbohydrate, fat, protein, salt. It can be used with milk sweets fruit and vegetable. It makes our body strong. Almond, Chestnut, walnut and cassu nut are very costly. Groundnut is also equally beneficial, it is easily available and its coast is very affordable. It can be used as a substitute of other dry fruits. Dry fruits give strength Improves memory power. Enhance beauty makes skin glow and strengthen nerves.

Jaggery:- It is very good to have in food. It has special quality to provide nourishment to our body. It balance kapha and pita, makes digestion system strong, removes constipation. At the time of thirst it is good to have jaggery before having water.

Honey: - In winter it is very beneficial. It is boon for brain and cardiac muscles. It removes chest related problem in children. It is also used in beauty related treatment.

Balanced Diet and Yogic Diet :-

Milk is very special in our diet. It is beneficial for all like baby, young female and old even in modern science it is consider to be a complete food. Nature has given all the elements in it abundantly. It is like nectar for us. Milk of cow and goat, makes our body and brain strong and healthy. The, term complete food means, it must has all the elements like Fat, Vitamin, Calcium and the other entire required element in right proportion, which is very essential for growth and for life force. Milk is easily digestible that is why it is given to the patient.
According to health and body requirement of nourishment, balance diet is divided as follows- Physical distinguish- According to body size and metabolic rate amount of food intake varies.
Family Distinguish- Size of a family also affects the quality of food. Generally balance diets are ignored there.
Economic Distinguish- The food quality of rich and poor family are different. Normally rich people have balance diet but the poor people suffer from malnutrition. Some time even rich people suffer with the problem of malnutrition because of their wrong food habit.
Religion Distinguish- Some time religious believe also effects the kind of food they have. It may lead to dietary Imbalance in a person.
Social Distinguish- Developed and educated people know the importance of balance diet and lead a happy healthy life. But the people who are less developed they ignore the importance of balance diet and they generally suffer with the problem which are caused by dietary imbalance.

Benefit of Balanced Diet:-

  • Gives strength to body.
  • Improves amount of blood.
  • Maintain or regulate body temp according to the need.
  • Body development happens properly.
  • Vitamin and Minerals makes bone firm and strong.
  • Heal of wear and tear and repair of cut and wound happen fast.
  • Body becomes healthy and active.

Quality of Food:-

  • Good foods are good in taste and provide nourishment to the body.
  • Balance diet contains the entire vital element in right proportion.
  • We should not have same food all the time. We should keep on changing it to fulfill our all body requirement of different minerals and vitamins.
  • Look, colour, smell and taste of food, enhance our appetite.
  • We should have food. When we fill hungry then only it will give total benefit.
  • We should have right amount of food. Stocking stomach has harmful effect.
  • Quality and nourishment value of food be given importance.

Precaution while having food:-

We all take food, have we ever taken care. How do we take food? Actually eating is getting energy. It provides nourishment to our body and maintain life cycle. Apart from this it is responsible for our body growth and provides required element to heal internal and external wear and tear, more over it has an effect on our mood emotional and mental state. In other words we can say our body is noting but an outcome of food. Therefore it is very important that we should take precaution while having food.

  • We should not take curd, tea and parantha together it causes disease.
  • Pure vegetarian food is good. It should be clean and fresh.
  • Kitchen and clothes should be clean while making food.
  • At the time of making food on should be in happy mood. It also has its own effect.
  • Take food according to your body requirement, do not have it more. Otherwise instead of giving energy it will make your body slow and lethargic.
  • If you have food more than your requirement. It disturbs digestion and extra accumulation of fat or cholesterol starts happening.
  • Masticate the food properly, use all your teeth.
  • Take food only when you feel like to have it. Do not drink cold water. Take tea, coffee and coke as minimum as you can

Do not take food in state of anger, tension and disinterest. It is not beneficial.
Use less sugar in your food. Digestion will happen properly. There will not be any disease and you will remain diabetes free.
Have lot and fresh food. Cold food digests slowly but the hot food digests fast and gives quick energy.
There should be a gap of 4 hours between two meals.
Do not drink water just after meal. There should be interval of 1 to 2 hours. So that body can absorb proper nutrition out of food. Presence of element in food:-
Protein 2. Carbohydrate 3. Minerals 4. Fat 5. Vitamin 6. Water
Protein: - It is very essential for growth and repair work in body.
Carbohydrate – It provides energy and heat to the body also essential for development of organs and body parts.
Minerals: - It enhances immune power of body and it is required for impulse coordination among brain, nervous and organs.
Fat: - It is required for energy and heat in body; it gives new strength and makes skin shiny and supple.
Vitamin: - For healthy body and to be disease free vitamin are necessary. In our food intake vitamin intake should be balanced.
Water: - 80% of our body is made up of water. It helps in digestion of food, maintain body temperature and detoxify our body.
Vitamin: - It keeps us healthy and our immune system strong so, that we can be disease free. It is very important complement of our food and helps in digestion of food as well. Deficiency of vitamin causes disease like, Beriberi night blindness scurry, rickets and discoloration or ruff ness of skin.
Vitamin A- For body growth and skin it is needed. It is obtained in milk butter ghee green leafy, vegetable, tomato, carrot and pulses.
Vitamin B- Strengthen nervous system makes brain, heart liver healthy. It is found in egg meat, milk, dry fruits and vegetables.
Vitamin C-It makes our bone and teeth strong improve our immune system. Orange, lemon, hog plum tomato, butter milk and curd are chief source of it.
Vitamin- D- In presence of it calcium and phosphorus in our body get activated and are used by our body and makes our bone strong. It is obtained in milk, ghee and from the sun rays.
Vitamin E- It improves our body weight strops dysentery and at the time of pregnancy it is very much needed. It is found in groundnut oil. Spinach carrot and in Banana.
Vitamin K- It coagulates blood at the time of cut and wound and stops blood flow. It also prevents brain hemorrhage. It is available in green vegetable and pea.

Balanced Diet:-

Natural beauty is liked by every body, but its secrete lies in our daily food in take. The food which is having the total required element like vitamin, Fat, minerals, ions carbohydrate protein and water in right proportion, according to our body need and must be suited to our work nature what we do in our daily life. It varies according to age gender place and the work what we do.

Why do we need balanced diet?

Our health has direct relation with the food what we take. Food should be taken, keeping in view of age, gender and the work what we do. If we ignore these, either we will not be healthy or suffer with several disease. At the time of pregnancy extra care of food should be taken other wise the new born baby would not be healthy or handicap or will suffer with birth related disease which are mostly incurable. If we have balance diets our body and mind will he healthy and we will be in our control. Growth rate of our body will be normal and its development happens properly. There are proper measurements of all the things what we take. How much of all elements are required, are different for people of different age group, different gender and of different working nature. In other words we can say these all are decided on the basis of BMI (Body Mass Index) or the work that we do.

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